Beautiful Brown Wrap Kitchen with full Slab Granite Counter


700 Defy Oven- Gemini Gourmet Multifunction Thermofan

900 Defy Glass Extractor Fan with Flute

Granite Counters - sink Piece Broken

Double stainless Sink with Mixer

Stainless Prep Bowl


Floor cupboards


3 x 900w x 900w _ corner Cupboards

900_ two door

350_one door

450_left angled ( one door)

650_ twoo Door

500_ door and top drawer

900_curved port drawer

450_ four drawer

500_bin unit

400_one door

750_two door

450w  x 2440h _ right angled glass door display cupboard

650w x 2440h _ microwave cupboard

750w x 2440h _eye level oven cupboard

1000w x 1000w x 2440h _ pantry cupboard ( flat packed)


Wall Cupboards 1080 High


2 x 800 _ two door cupboards

950 _ two glass doors

2 x 450w x 900h _ lattice doors

1000w x 350h _two door

1200w x 520h _ two door